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About UNGkunst.

UNGkunst, "Young Art" in Norwegian, is a platform to inspire and support the youth to find their own creativity, and the support emerging artists. It focuses on nurturing talent in various art forms, including self-expression, art, painting, and sculpture.

Workshops and Mentorship:
The project involves organizing workshops led by Solsoldat and provides hands-on experience and mentorship.
These workshops "UNGkunst"cover various artistic techniques, from traditional to modern arts, encouraging experimentation and self-expression.

Community Engagement:
UNGkunst could collaborate with local schools and community centers, offering art programs and events. This initiative might aim to make art more accessible, particularly in underprivileged areas, fostering a sense of community and cultural appreciation.

Exhibitions and Showcases:
UNGkunst collaborates with schools and all venues of learning.
And hosts annual exhibitions is a significant aspect, where young artists get the opportunity to showcase their work. These events not only provide exposure but also encourage public engagement with the art community.

Sustainability and Art:
In line with Solsoldat's interest in nature and the environment, the project incorporates themes of sustainability, encouraging artists to use recycled materials and create works that highlight environmental issues.

Impact and Change:
Meaningful envisioned through UNGkunst includes empowering young artists, enhancing cultural richness, and fostering a sustainable approach to art. By providing a nurturing and inclusive environment, the project inspires a new generation of artists to explore their creativity and make a positive impact on society.


Ida, 17 years old: "Before joining UNGkunst, I was unsure about my art. The workshops and Solsoldat's mentorship have been life-changing. I've found my unique style and am now confident in my digital art creations. This program has opened so many doors for me!"


Yngvar, 15 years old: "I've always loved drawing, but UNGkunst taught me to think beyond the paper. Learning about environmental art and using recycled materials has been a real eye-opener. I'm now more conscious about my role as an artist in society."

Ola, 16 years old: "The chance to exhibit my work at the annual showcase was incredible! Getting feedback from the public and seeing my art appreciated by others has boosted my confidence immensely. UNGkunst isn't just a program; it's a community that supports and believes in young artists like me."


Signe, 18 years old: "The digital platform UNGkunst offers has been a game-changer for me. I've sold a few of my pieces online, and knowing that people are willing to pay for my art is both humbling and motivating. Solsoldat's guidance has been invaluable in this journey."

Zoe, 14 years old: "I never thought I could be an artist until I joined UNGkunst. The mentorship and encouragement I received here have been amazing. I've learned so much about different art forms and techniques, and I can't wait to explore more!"

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