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To rise 
by lifting others

I create multigenerational art pieces for everyone to enjoy

My purpose is to create meaningful change through Art

My name is Solsoldat

Solsoldat, an artist deeply rooted in the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of Lofoten and Tinn Austbygde in Telemark, channels his fascination with the human journey, from our earliest origins to the intricacies of modern societies, into his diverse artistic expressions. Employing various mediums such as digital drawing, traditional paper sketches, stencil art, and freeform painting, Solsoldat brings a unique blend of precision and emotional depth to his work. Digital art allows him to swiftly navigate through a spectrum of ideas, playing with colors and textures, whereas traditional drawing anchors him to the tangible world. His stencil art, a refined technique over years, showcases intricate patterns and details, contrasting with the liberating essence of his freeform paintings.

Personal experiences profoundly influence his creations. The loss of his mother in 2010 led to a pivotal piece reflecting on the universal theme of loss, resonating with audiences and garnering attention from notable art collectors in Norway and Europe. More recently, the theme of female creativity and life-giving energy has emerged as a central motif in his work, inspired by witnessing the birth of his niece, Frida. This exploration is a testament to the powerful and inspiring influence of women's creativity.

Each piece by Solsoldat is a distinct narrative of his artistic voyage and creative vision, inviting viewers to partake in his journey. He warmly welcomes you to explore his collection and hopes that his art resonates as deeply with you as it has with him in its creation​

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